Sun Valley Pop Up Show
Flat Blak Gallery teamed up with Broschofsky Galleries in Sun Valley, ID for a holiday pop up show.  Hanging urban artists next to legends such as Andy Warhol and Russell Young was a real treat.  Oh, and we scored the cover of the paper!

Australian artist Alex Lehours brings his large scale street art murals down to size in this triptych.

French artist Yannick Hamon uses only stencil and spray paint to produce these collage style works with some canvases containing over 70,000 handcut squares.
Matt Scott's 3 dimensional works are composed entirely out of stencil and spray paint, a mind boggling process to say the least.
Composed entirely out of stencil and spray paint, Rudi B.'s heavily resined western pop works didn't go unnoticed.
The party ensued...after all, who needs an excuse over the holidays?  
World acclaimed action sports photographer, Tal Roberts shoots the subject he loves and adds an unparalleled artistic style to the industry. We sent over 25 of Tal's photographs to artists all over the world and asked them to add their own individual style.
Spencer Knutila, Jess Mudgett and Murphy Welch show their individual styles on Tal Roberts photographs.  
Thanks to all that came out and made the collaboration show a success!
Christian Hooker

Hooker is an American based street artist known for his wide range of subject matter and distinctive styles. His most well known works are the conceptual satire series of large dollar bill paintings and television sets. Also known for his throw ups and calligraphy cursive style signature tags in and around New York City streets. Hooker continues to execute his conceptual satire ideas using stencils and aerosols on canvas.
Flat Blak Gallery invited emerging artists to show alongside some of our represented artists at our Halloween themed exhibition, R.I.P. City. The only requirements were that submissions had to be under 18" x 18" and incorporate any aspect of Halloween. Be it spooky, risqué, funny or morbid — Anything goes.
Matt Scott
The London based artist is known for his tiny hand cut multi-layered stencils and use of spray paint on currency.  Paper currency is loaded with meaning that morphs as it is positioned against various subject matter. Within his work, Penny often regards money as representative of a sinister voyeur, an omnipresent force watching over it's subjects.