Matt Scott

The Herd | 9/10/2016 

Matt grew up in the far rural outskirts of Sydney, where school holidays meant traveling the east coast of Australia in interstate trucks with his dad and grandfather. The unique designs and artwork that adorns these trucks would eventually heavily influence and be reflected in his future work.
His unique style of stencils are precise in execution and rich in graphic texture. Each artwork consists of up to 20 layers of stencil and spray paint.
He originally intended to bring a bit of country to the city streets with characters evolving into highly detailed works, dominated by color and pattern. 
Matts upbringing was influenced by being on the farm and in the bush so many works represents the rough and rural nature of the country, juxtaposed with the clean, slick and precise lines of the city, in which he likes to paint with his western themed animals and patterning.