Eminently modern and free spirited Elizabeth's artwork focuses on the confusion of today's modern society.  She challenges the viewer to confront the relationship between humanity’s preconceived notions of value and worth, in our consumable world.  The Gold Standard, which has been used for centuries, is a perfect representation of humanity’s obsession with vain and valueless beauty.   

Using time honored skills in a contemporary way,  Elizabeth brings a modern twist to traditional forms through her hyperrealist works.  Her social commentary,  seeks to illuminate the arbitrary value we place on useless and culturally devoid items, while simultaneously devaluing those things with innate value. She pokes fun at mans obsessive quest to to obtain more and more while we are living,  ignoring the purpose of our lives.  From this Elizabeth questions the arbitrary prioritization of Earth’s most precious assets, questioning the relationships, behaviors and patterns of humanity.   Many of us remain divorced of direct responsibility for the destruction of our planet’s invaluable resources, often taking the word of the media, politicians, religious leaders and CEOs at face value.  

Using the subject of animal, human skulls and personal artifacts,  Elizabeth exposes the responsibility of the individual in owning the effects of their decisions.  Adorning each piece with gold leaf and precious metal, the dichotomy of the monochromatic pallet against the gold is a visual representation of the struggle of the inner self to balance greed and purpose.  

She draws inspiration from her international background with her work being dominated by the discordant relationship between true value and worth.  Having lived all over the world in some of the most diverse and contrasting cities, she is fascinated by the stark comparison of perceived success, and draws on this international experience to narrate her work.

The monochromatic pallet simplifies the form allowing a deeper exploration of the subject matter.  This causes the viewer to focus first on a photographic representation, before a closer inspection reveals the true technique.  This fine art technique takes hours of intense concentration before a final gilding of 24 karat gold leaf is applied.  True to this fine art tradition, she only uses the highest quality materials, responsibly sourced, such as certified Saunders Waterford archival cotton paper and ethically sourced 24 karat gold.

Elizabeth is a British Artist and Designer currently residing and maintaining full time studio practice in New York City. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK, USA and the UAE, where she began her career with her sell out solo show in the capital,  Abu Dhabi.  Most recently she has completed a commission for HRH The Prince of Wales and had a solo show at Soho House.  Her works are held in private collections in North America, Bahrain, Europe, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.    Various publications such as Cheshire Life Magazine,  Art Zealous, The Art Gorgeous,  Juxtapoze, Anti Heroin Chic, AIMO and Fashion Week have all covered Elizabeth’s work.  She holds an honours degree in Fashion and a postgraduate in Design from the University of Manchester.